• The Rationale (30 mins including direct links) gives an outline of the problem addressed by the Flipped Classroom approach and describes the solution.

  • In Action (45 mins) presents a series of videos that show various aspects of the Flipped Classroom in action.

  • Flipped Technology (30mins, & optional material to explore) itemizes technology that may be used in implementing the Flipped Classroom.

  • Let's Try! (45 mins) gives you the chance to create a flipped video, while teaching one of our exciting how-to topics!

  • Challenges (20 mins)



Tutorial Timeline

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Advances in technology have made possible many new approaches to teaching and learning, and the Flipped Classroom is one such approach.


In this tutorial, we set out to give you an introduction to: what is the Flipped Classroom; the advantages of flipping; the technologies that make flipping possible; and some of the challenges you may face in implementing this approach.


Our objective in this tutorial is to give you enough information for you to decide if and when the Flipped Classroom is an effective approach for achieving your learning outcomes - be it for a single class, an activity within a class, or an entire course.


We hope that you find this tutorial useful.